OR LMT #15423, Reiki Master, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Ashiatsu Foot Massage, 

Intuitive Angel Readings & creator of Soul SeekUp.

Soul SeekUp was designed to incorporate Massage Therapy, Reiki and an Intuitive Angel Reading in one session.

A Soul SeekUp Session includes:

-Soul SeekUp Body Energy Profile.

*This is a hand written pre-intuitive notes that is done 30 min. before the start of the appointment.

-Reiki Energy Healing

-60 min. Massage

-30 min. Intuitive Channeling Session at the end of the session.

Intuitive readings are especially successful when the client is an active part of the channeling experience. Setting a clear intention or connection allows me to focus the messages in a more direct way. You can think of it as an energetic exchange that is a language of its own. It will reflect what is asked, when it has a heart centered intention.

Preparations before a session are recommended for the best possible outcome.

-Take time to meditate/pray/focus on what you are wanting more understanding on prior to your appointment.

-Avoid drugs and alcohol use 24 hours before a session.

-Trust the process. Your spiritual team has only your best interest in mind. Information is confidential and is honored as a sacred contract between myself, our higher selves and spiritual support team.

This is a minimum 2 hour appointment. Additional time is added to allow time for questions and education about how the intuitive information is relayed to me.

If you would like more information, I recommend watching my YouTube video that goes more in depth about the process and what to expect from a SeekUp session.


*Channeling information comes through quickly so many times I have to abbreviate words and use medical terminology to explain the location of the body that sensations/emotions are flagging me to address. Information is available on the client resource page of what abbreviated symbols and words refer to.