SeekUp Client Notes & References:

-P Pain

-HT Hyper Tension/Stress

-L Left Side

-R Right Side

-Medial Point closest to the spine

-Lateral Point most distant from the spine


-NS Neck/Shoulder

-LB Lower Back

-Sub Occ The area between the base of the skull and upper neck

-TP Trigger Point  

-"" Quotations are used when a statement is being relayed from Higher Self or Spiritual Beings.

-HP Higher Power (God, Universe, Source,Spirit, Buddha, Earth, etc.)

-SG Spirit Guide

-HS Higher Self

-MT Muscle Testing

OR LMT #15423, Reiki Master, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Ashiatsu Foot Massage, 

Intuitive Angel Readings & creator of Soul SeekUp.